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Terry Belford


Terry's Story

Philadelphia's Thanksgiving Day Parade - WPVI Channel 6 ABC/ Syndicated Stations (40 years)

Republican National Convention- Philadelphia -Opening remote-NBC

6 & 11 o’clock News Shows – WPVI Channel 6

First Union Pro Cycling Championship - WPVI Channel 6 ABC (3years)

Welcome America Fourth of July Special-(10 years)

AM/Philadelphia –Morning Talk Show- WPVI Channel 6 (7 years)

Earth Wind & Fire Concert & Fireworks- WPVI Channel 6 ABC

Millennium Philadelphia's 24 Hour Party - WPVI Channel 6 ABC

Philadelphia Marathon- WPVI Channel 6

Arethea Franklin Concert Special-Scott Mirkin Productions

New Jersey Gubernatorial Debate – WABC Channel 7 –New York

Vietnam Veterans Welcome Home Ceremonies- NC State Broadcast

Philly on Wheels-Philadelphia Auto Show Special-WPVI

Pennsylvania Senatorial Debate- Pennsylvania State Network

March on Washington 50 years Anniversary-Group Inc. Production

Philadelphia DAD Vail Regatta- ESPN 3 (3 years)

Veterans Day Parade-Philadelphia WPVI Channel 6 ABC (2 years)

Philadelphia Mayoral Debate-Pool Feed 

Philadelphia Flower and Auto Show Specials (15 years)

NCC Liberty Medal Channel 6 ABC/ National Feed (9 years)

Tall Ships Special- WPVI Channel 6 ABC

DC Memorial Day Parade- Syndicated Stations (5 years)

Puerto Rican Day Parade –Philadelphia (10) Years

Pulaski Day Parade –Philadelphia (10) Years

Columbus Day Parade –Philadelphia (10) Years

Democratic National Convention Special in Philadelphia- WPVI

Pope Francis Visit to Philly-WPVI

Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Parade-WPVI

Marian Anderson Award-Streaming/IMAG (5 years)

Budweiser/Jay Z Made in America Concert-ESM (5 years)

Winterthur Point to Point Steeplechase Races-streaming (3 years)

Raleigh Christmas Parade- WTVD (3years)

City Hall Tree Lighting Special- WPVI (4 years)

Cornell University Presidential Inauguration (1 year)

The American Veterans Centers -American Valor Awards (3 years)




Cherry Blossom National Parade –DC (5years)

Nashville Christmas Parade (4 years)

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